Postal Services

A Division of Support Services Phone Number: (215) 204-7192

For Postal Services comments, concerns or suggestions, please use the postal services feedback form.

Hours of Operation: 7:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Monday through Friday

We process the University's outgoing, incoming and interoffice mail totaling approximately 6 million pieces annually. Outgoing mail services for Temple Center City, Ambler Campus, and parts of the Health Science Center are provided by the Main Campus postal operation. We work closely with the US Postal Service and contract carriers to improve quality and cost. Our focused objective is to seek continuous improvement to our overall service.
Standard Services
Administrative Services
  • Daily pickup and delivery of all internal and incoming mail

  • Same day processing of all outgoing mail

  • Daily service to HSC and Satellite Campuses
  • Central account management of all US Postal Service permits and accounts

  • Mail service consultation - postal regulations, mail design and available services

  • Ongoing research and development to insure the best rates and services available through the US Postal Service are provided to the University Community

Mailing Tips

Follow these simple guidelines to maximize postage discounts and to increase the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of processing letter mail.

  • For all  offices located at TASB, please use the street address 1852 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19122 for U.S. Mail only  When using other courier services (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) or trucking services please use the physical address of the building 2450 N. Hunting Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.  19129
  • Type or machine print all address information.
  • Address should appear as follows:
    • Recipient Name:                John Doe
    • Name of Company:            Acme Inc
    • Street Address:                 123 Main Street NW Ste 12
    • City, State and ZIP CODE: Anytown, NY 12345
  • Make sure print is clear and sharp.
  • Leave one or two spaces between words and between the state abbreviations and Zip Code or Zip + 4.
  • Include floor, suite, and apartment numbers whenever possible on same line of the primary address.
  • Put the city, state and Zip Code or Zip + 4 code in that order on the last line.
  • Use standard two-letter state abbreviations.
  • Print or type your return address in the upper left corner on the front of the envelope.
  • Ensure address characters don’t touch or overlap.
  • Black ink on a white background is best.
  • Maintain a uniform left margin.
  • Omit all punctuations.
  • When using a window envelope, make sure the complete address is always visible, even when the insert moves.
  • If the mail is to be metered by the Temple Post Office please use the blue Metered Mail Transmittal form. Please find a completed form on the next page here.
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