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I Am Poetry: The Spoken Word According to You

Fueled by their own power, stories, and creative energy, students will draw upon elements of writing, hip-hop, acting and public speaking to tear through traditional boundaries of what poetry is and can be.

Cyber-Argumentation: Communicating

in the Digital Age

This class will provide hands-on experience in communicating through the blogosphere and YouTube. Students will work with online tools to create a dynamic environment to collaborate with peers.

A Different World: The College Application

Experience from Admission to Decision

This class will focus on effective essay writing for applying to college. Students will  explore college options, campus life and financial aid opportunities while developing the perfect packet for college applications.

Essentials of Playwriting

In this interactive workshop, students will pay special attention to plot development, character building, the art of dialogue, and the basics of storytelling. Students will read and write original plays and dramatic scenes.

Stay Tuned: Examining Messages in the Media

Participants will examine segments of popular TV shows, films, music videos, and advertisements in an effort to seek deeper meaning and underlying messages. Students will explore and critique content through personal writing.

Arts and Entertainment Journalism

From sports to films to art, students taking this class will become the authority on modern culture. Participants will craft articles and essays on topics of their choice.

Writing for Social Change

Students will learn about grassroots activists and local writers in exploring the many ways that young people can create change and build power in local communities. Participants will engage in writings from composing a manifesto to developing a mission statement.

The Private Eye: An Investigation of Self

Participants will examine a variety of autobiographical work from Tupac to Maya Angelou to YOU. This class is an investigation of oneself using creative exercises for personal expression through poetry, music, and memoir writing.


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