The College of Liberal Arts at Temple University

Please contact any of our current officers if you have questions about the GEA, would like to subscribe to the listserv, or would like to make suggestions for future programs and events. 


2011 Officers



Jon Gagas
Co-President Elizabeth Seltzer
Secretary Jaclyn Partyka
Literature Program Coordinator Daniel Nutters
Treasurer Caitlin Hudgins

Comp/Rhet Liaison Rachel Edwards
Creative Writing Liaison Joshua Keller
Social Chair/Event Coordinator Ted Howell


2010 Officers


Co-President Leslie Allison


Jon Gagas
Secretary Jaclyn Partyka
Literature Program Coordinator Elizabeth Seltzer
Treasurer Daniel Ryan Morse
Comp/Rhet Liaison Nicole Cesare
Creative Writing Liaison Eric Miller
Social Chair/Event Coordinator Michael Blancato


2009 Officers

President Leslie Allison
Vice President Jon Gagas
Literature Program Coordinator Nicole Cesare
Treasurer Amy Woodworth
Comp/Rhet Liaison Sarah Bollinger
Creative Writing Liaison Don Deeley
Social Chair/Event Coordinator Caitlin Hudgins


2008 Officers

President Amy Woodworth
Vice President Jason Garnett
Social Chair Larry Rozanski
Comp/Rhet Liaison Elizabeth Kimball
Literature Program Coordinator Leslie Allison