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English 0711 and 0812


Equivalent courses for ESL Learners

English 0711 and English 0812 are four-credit courses designed to accommodate the needs of the ESL learner. The guidelines for English 0701 and English 0802 are followed in these courses, and the courses carry equivalent credit and equivalent weight in meeting the needs of the core curriculum. As the basis for reading and writing in the ESL writing classroom we look at cross-cultural implications of what it means to do academic work and to share historical and cultural knowledge. Oral participation is encouraged as a way of promoting fluency and enhancing comfort with participation in American academic settings. Classes are smaller than in English 0711 and 0812. Additionally, teachers spend extended time in tutorial conferences. The new syllabus for English 0812 focuses on international issues and uses a book that examines elements of the United States' relationship with the world from inside and outside the country.


You can see a sample syllabus for English 0711 here.

You can see a sample syllabus for English 0812 here.


In English 0711 students:

  • learn to process college-level texts, including the development of contextual understanding
  • read, discuss, and sometimes cite the work of their fellow students
  • become familiar with academic genres
  • learn to write papers that are reasonably error-free by concentrating on problems in grammar, mechanics, and usage
  • do multiple revisions of their papers
  • incorporate previous work into new assignments

In English 0812 students:          

  • produce papers that represent separate efforts with fewer revisions than in English 0711
  • establish and support arguments according to the standards of academic discourse
  • engage complex texts using critical reading skills
  • possess skills in grammar, mechanics, and usage appropriate to college writing








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Interim Co-Director

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Lucas Sheaffer,
Composition Assistant
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