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Attention Beury Hall: April Amnesty Program to Dispose of Compressed Gas Cylinders

If you are in Beury Hall, EHRS will be conducting an amnesty program (no cost to you) in the month of April to collect unwanted compressed gas cylinders. Here are the details:

  • Who is eligible for this? This April event is open to anyone in Beury Hall who has compressed gas cylinders.
  • What will we be collecting? Lecture-size compressed gas cylinders.
  • When will we be collecting? Every Wednesday in April from 1 PM to 3 PM.
  • Where will we be collecting? Beury Hall room 009B (in the basement, across from the Chemical Storeroom).
  • How will this work? Every Wednesday in April, between 1 PM and 3 PM, bring your lecture-size compressed gas cylinders down to Beury Hall 009B and leave them with a chemical waste technician (please do not leave cylinders outside of Beury 009B).
  • What will this cost? For you, nothing!

If you are unable to bring any cylinder during these days/times, submit a chemical waste pickup request.

Contact Tony Rocco by phone (2-2987) or e-mail of EHRS with any questions or if you have larger size cylinders you would like to dispose of.

Complete program information in flyer form can be found here.



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