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EHRS Online Training Center

Welcome to Temple University's Environmental Health and Radiation Safety Online Training Center!

Our online training courses are identical in content and scope to our classroom programs, but permits training to be completed at one's own pace and convenience. All online courses are reviewed at the end of each month, and we will update our database with your training information then.

Current Course List

  • Analytical X-ray Users Training
  • Annual Bloodborne Pathogens Training                                                        
  • Annual Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Athletic Trainers ONLY!!!
  • Annual Chemical Waste Training (includes DOT Security of Hazardous Materials)
  • Annual Chemical Waste Training for Tyler School of Art ONLY!!!!!
  • Annual First Responder/Receiver Awareness Level Training
  • Annual Radiation Safety Training (formerly General Annual Radiation Safety Course)
  • Biohazardous Waste Training                                                                          
  • Clinical Radiation Safety Training for Bronchoscopy X-ray Users
  • Clinical Radiation Safety Training for GI X-ray Users
  • Clinical Radiation Safety Training for Orthopedics X-ray Users
  • Clinical Radiation Safety Training for Podiatry X-ray Users
  • Clinical Radiation Safety Training for Vascular Surgery X-ray Users
  • Controlled Substances in Research                                                                 
  • Formaldehyde Safety Training                                                                         
  • Initial Safety Training for Dentistry ONLY!!!                                              
  • Initial Safety Training for Gross Anatomy Students ONLY!!!
  • Initial Safety Training for Medical Students Only!!!                                   
  • Initial Safety Training for Physicians (non-research) ONLY!!!
  • Initial Safety Training for Researchers (does not include Bloodborne Pathogens module)
  • Laser Safety Training                                                                                       
  • MRI Safety Training                                                                                          
  • MRI Safety Training for Non-MRI Staff                                                        
  • NIH Guidelines Safety Training                                                                      
  • Radiology Course 727                                                                                      
  • Safety Training for CST Freshmen Only!!!                                                  
  • Select Biological Agents Training
  • Scalpel Blade Safety Training                                                                         
  • Shipping of Dangerous Goods Refresher: General Info and Chemical Shipping
  • Shipping of Infectious Substance Refresher                                                  
  • TUP Refresher Training                                                                                   
  • Tyler School of Art Initial Safety Training
  • X-ray Training for Bone Densitometry Users                                               
  • X-ray Training for Computer Tomography Users                                         
  • X-ray Training for Dentistry Users                                                                 
  • X-ray Training for Fluoroscopy Users                                                            
  • X-ray training for Fluoroscopy Users (Non-Clinical Personnel Only)
  • X-ray Training for Mammography Users                                                       
  • X-ray Training for Radiography User

How to Enroll in Our Courses

Important: To participate in the online training, you must have a Temple AccessNet account. Temple AccessNet accounts can be requested and activated via the internet. To obtain an AccessNet account, please access the following website:

Please click here for Blackboard access instructions if you have or once you receive an AccessNet account.