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Environmental Health and Radiation Safety Fact Sheets

General Information

Biological Safety

Chemical Safety

Occupational Safety

  • Back Safety Awareness
    • Learn how to avoid injuries by using safe and proper techniques when lifting or moving heavy objects.
  • Fume Hood Safety
    • Guidelines to keep in mind before and while using a fume hood.
  • Laptop Ergonomics
    • Learn how to combine the convenience of a laptop with desktop ergonomics.
  • Laser Safety
    • Lasers can be used in research, in clinical settings, and even in classrooms and offices (laser pointers, anyone?). Here's how to stay safe when using them.
  • Methods for Controlling Hazards
    • What can be done to eliminate or minimize exposure to hazards and provide workers with safe and healthful working conditions.
  • Respiratory Protection Program
    • Airborne contaminants in the workplace can pose a respiratory hazard. Our respiratory protection program can help keep your workplace safe.
  • Selecting Eye Protection
    • Information on choosing the best eye protection for the work you are doing.
  • Sit-Stand Workstations
    • Learn more about adding flexibility to your work area.


  • Pregnant Worker Counseling
    • The objective of the Pregnant Worker counseling program is to assist women who are childbearing age, pregnant, or nursing, understand the risks and minimize exposure to these hazards in the workplace through education and counseling.