Dissertation & Thesis Handbook


Instructions for Using Template

Template Download

To download the Microsoft Word version of the sample list template for use in your manuscript, first read the instructions below so you download the template correctly!


To use the pre-formatted MSWord LIST OF


  1. When the document is opened, select "Save As..." from the "File" menu, and save the document under a name that you will remember.
  2. Decide what kind of document the page will be (i.e., Tables or Figures or Charts, etc.), and delete/add the unnecessary words from the page's level 5 heading (i.e., the heading in ALL CAPS) and the heading above the numbers along the left margin.
  3. Using the arrow keys or the mouse, place the cursor after the number "1", in front of the first row of dots.
  4. Type in the title of the first Table/Figure/Illustration/etc.
    • Do not use any TABS in your title as this may interfere with the formatting already in place.
    • When the text comes within 1/2-inch of the page reference numbers, the text will automatically begin on a new line.
  5. When the entire title has been entered, use the arrow keys or the mouse (not the TAB key) to position the cursor after the second number (i.e., "#") sign.
  6. Press the BACK SPACE key twice to remove the number signs.
  7. Type in the correct page number (i.e., page reference number) on which the respective Table can be found in the text.
  8. Use the arrow keys or the mouse to position the cursor after the number "2", in front of the second row of dots, and type in the second title. Continue in this fashion (i.e., following steps 2 through 7) until all titles and their corresponding page reference numbers are entered.
    • If you have more than five Tables/Figures/etc., finish typing all the information for the first five. Then, place the cursor after the page reference number for the fifth Table/Figure/etc. and hit RETURN. This should automatically generate a new line (i.e., number "6"). Without repositioning the cursor, begin typing in the next title. When the title is complete, hit the TAB key. This should automatically generate the leading dots. Then, type in the page reference number corresponding to the title. If more titles are needed, continue placing the cursor after the last page reference numbers and hitting RETURN to generate new lines.
  9. Finally, insert a properly formatted page number on the page. Remember that an entry for the LIST as well as its corresponding page number must be in the TABLE OF CONTENTS.

    NOW, you can download the template by clicking here. There is no limit to the number of times you can download and use this document.