Dissertation & Thesis Handbook

The Handbook

This manual lays out Temple University's requirements for acceptable dissertations and theses. Individual departments or their schools/colleges may have additional requirements. It is your responsibility to learn of such special requirements and to prepare your manuscript in accordance with them, as well as with the instructions in this manual. Dissertations and theses not meeting the specifications of the Graduate School will not be accepted.

The "Connections" section at right acts as the Table of Contents for the Dissertation & Thesis Handbook. For ready reference, this information is accessible from every page of the Dissertation & Thesis Handbook.


  • The scholarly research you have performed and report on in your final manuscript is outside the scope of the Dissertation & Thesis Handbook. The Graduate School expects that your research has been reviewed and approved by your advisor and committee before allowing you to defend your dissertation/thesis or upload a final document.

  • Your dissertation/thesis must be legible, and all tables, figures, and illustrations must be of high quality.
  • Your document must be written in clear, grammatically correct language; free of all spelling and typographical errors; and punctuated in a standard and appropriate manner.
  • It is best to NOT reference and model your manuscript after completed dissertations/theses on file in your department or Paley Library, no matter how recent. Current standards and requirements are subject to change without notice.