Dissertation & Thesis Handbook

The Handbook – Publishing and Copyrighting

Publishing Your Disseration/Thesis Through ProQuest

"Publishing" is the goal of the online e-dissertation submission process:

Important Note

Temple University requires that you make your research accessible to the academic community at large. This is effected by publishing your dissertation/thesis through ProQuest and making it available through both ProQuest and Paley Library. Further, your dissertation/thesis may be accessed via various internet search engines, such as Google.

Again, making your research accessible to the academic community at large is a condition of Temple University's awarding research doctorates and master's degrees to those completing a degree that requires a dissertation/thesis as a culminating experience. Therefore, permanent and temporary embargoes and abstract-only publication are largely disallowed. Any exceptions — and they are rare — must be requested of and approved by the Vice Provost in the Graduate School.

Copyrighting Your Dissertation/Thesis

It is your decision whether or not to copyright your work. If you choose to copyright your dissertation/thesis, the copyright fee is currently $55 and is paid to ProQuest at our e-dissertation site (http://www.etdadmin.com/temple/). Be sure to include a Copyright Page with page number "ii" in your dissertation/thesis as shown in Appendix G.

Including Copyrighted Material in Your Dissertation/Thesis

If you include copyrighted material of any sort in your dissertation/thesis, you MUST obtain the copyright holder's written permission for its inclusion and subsequent distribution by ProQuest as part of your dissertation/thesis. A sample copyright permission letter is presented in Appendix L1. If and when permission is received from the copyright holder, you must include the permission-granting letter in an Appendix to your dissertation/thesis.

If the copyright owner denies permission, the material may NOT be included in your dissertation/thesis. Appendix L2 demonstrates the language you should use in your Appendix in lieu of including the copyrighted material.

Important Note

Purchasing the right to use an instrument does NOT give you permission to include it in your dissertation/thesis. In order to include it, you must have written permission expressly stating that the instrument may be reproduced and distributed by ProQuest as part of your dissertation/thesis. ProQuest will not publish your work without a permission-granting letter for use of the instrument included in an Appendix — and, again, your work must be published as a condition of your degree being awarded.

You are solely responsible if you violate copyright law; Temple University and ProQuest will not be held liable. For information on reproducing copyrighted material, please refer to Copyright Law & Graduate Research: New Media, New Rights, and Your New Dissertation by Kenneth D. Crews.

Fee Schedule for Degree Completion

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Processing of Dissertation/Thesis Required

Temple University Bursar's Office



Optional ProQuest via http://www.etdadmin.com/temple/    $55.00
                                                  TOTAL  $105.00

Bound Copies of Dissertation/Thesis for Personal Use

Temple University does not provide a binding service. The following binderies are recommended: