Dissertation & Thesis Handbook


APA - abbreviation for the American Psychological Association publication guidelines.

Binding for personal copies -

Temple University Libraries offers a binding service through Paley Library for students' personal bound copies. Please note that these copies are not acceptable for submission to the Graduate School as your final copies.

Fee-Based Binding Services

Main Campus - Tuttleman Learning Center
1st Floor - Room 100c
voice: (215) 204-0754; fax: (215) 204-0753
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

© - copyright symbol used on page iii of the dissertation if the student chooses to copyright the document. See Copyright Page.

Caption - is a descriptive title or BRIEF explanation of the figure, e.g., the title. It is mandatory and it is placed BELOW the figure and included as the identifying title in the LIST OF FIGURES.

Chicago - short form of the University of Chicago publication guidelines.

e-mail Address - Margaret.Pippet@temple.edu

et al. - (Latin et alii ) meaning "and others." All lower case letters; no period after the "t"; a period after the "l."

Fax Number - 215-204-8781 (Attention: Marge Pippet)

Front Matter/Preliminary Pages - Signature Page, Title Page, Copyright Page, ABSTRACT, ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, TABLE OF CONTENTS, LIST OF TABLES/FIGURES/ etc.; is numbered with lower case Roman numerals (e.g., everything before Chapter 1).]

Initial Capitalization - used for subheadings and table titles, this refers to a capitalization pattern where all "important" word and all words with four letters or more have the first letter of each word capitalized (e.g., "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon" has initial caps, whereas "The cow jumped over the moon" has sentence caps).

Legend - any additional commentary or a more detailed explanation of the figure. It is optional; it follows the caption. It does not appear in the LIST OF FIGURES. See Figures.

Mailing Address - Temple University, Graduate School, 501 Carnell Hall, 1803 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6095.

Margins - Maintain a margin of at least one-and-one-half inches (1.5") on the left side of each page and a margin of at least one inch (1") on all other sides.

See Margins.

MLA - abbreviation for the Modern Language Association ( www.mla.org ) publication guidelines.

Phone Number - Dissertation formatting questions should be directed to the Graduate School (215) 204-1383.

Sentence Capitalization - used with level 4 subheadings and regular text, this pattern capitalizes only the first letter of the first word of a sentence (e.g., "The cow jumped over the moon" has sentence caps, whereas "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon" has initial caps).

Widow/orphan - single lines of text beginning or ending a page; see Widow/Orphan.