Dissertation & Thesis Handbook

The Handbook – Deadlines

Apply for Graduation


  • Access Self-Service Banner through TUportal.
  • Students in the College of Education must also visit EdPortal.


Announce Dissertation Defense


  • Distribute an executed Announcement of Oral Defense to the Graduate School in 501 Carnell Hall and the dean's office of your school/college.
  • Provide all graduate faculty in your program with a flyer.
  • Post a flyer on public bulletin boards in and near your department.
  • Note that the Graduate School will announce the defense on its Upcoming Doctoral Defenses web page.


  • No later than 10 working days prior to the scheduled defense.
  • No later than 14 working days if an external examiner's curriculum vitae (CV) – accompanied by an executed Nomination for Service on Doctoral Committee form – must be reviewed by the Graduate School.

Submit PDF of Approved Final Version of Dissertation/Thesis


Anything else?

  • Return the original final signature page of the dissertation/thesis to Christa Viola, Coordinator of Graduate Student Services, in the Graduate School, 501 Carnell Hall.
  • Access, sign, and submit the Permission to Reproduce Dissertation/Thesis form – which is required of all doctoral and master's students who must produce a dissertation or thesis as a culminating experience – to grant Temple University license to reproduce the dissertation/thesis.
  • For doctoral students only, submit your CV/résumé at http://www.etdadmin.com/temple/.
  • Complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates online, as delineated in Appendix B, if earning a doctoral degree.


  • Within 30 days post-defense OR by the due date specified below – whichever comes FIRST:



             DUE DATE*

  December 2015 December 18      November 30, 2015
  May 2016 May 6      April 18, 2016
  July 2016 July 29      July 11, 2016

* Deadlines are firm. If you cannot meet the deadline for a particular graduation cycle, contact your school/college about applying for the following cycle. Note that graduating is not automatic – you must apply; it is the same with deferring graduation – you must notify your school/college and comply with its procedures.