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Occupational Experience Program

This program is not a job placement activity. For information on current job postings go to our placement page.

Strengthening and updating occupational skills is necessary in career and technical education. In eastern Pennsylvania, the Center provides occupational experience for vocational teachers, such as those who are preparing for the Occupational Competency Assessment (OCA). The program provides interns with the opportunity to update their skills by participating in a supervised work experience. Interns can also receive tutoring or participate in their own internship, which Temple will assist them in verifying.

The Temple Center offers graduate and undergraduate courses entitled “Supervised Work Experience in Career and Technical Education.”  In addition, a variable credit “Educator in the Workplace” course is tentatively scheduled for teachers each  summer and fall semester.  The Occupational Experience Program is flexible, yet structured.  It is customized to each client and adapted to the needs of the individual.  The Occupational Competency Assessment (OCA) advisory process is an important component of this program. 

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