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Master of Education Degree (M.Ed) with Certification in Career and Technical Education (CTE)

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  • Business, Computer, and Information Technology Education (BCITE)
  • Industrial Education (IE)
  • Marketing Education (ME)

Who May Apply?

The program is open to

  • those holding a baccalaureate degree outside education without a public school teaching credential.
  • those holding a baccalaureate degree and seeking a Pennsylvania Intern, Instructional I, and/or Vocational Instructional I certificate.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) expects all individuals seeking teacher certification at the master degree level to have had at least six credits of college-level mathematics and six credits of college-level English composition and literature in their undergraduate program.

Earn teacher certification simultaneously with the M.Ed.

  • BCITE and ME concentrations: Instructional Certificate for grades K-12
  • IE concentration: Vocational Instructional Certificate for grades 7-12

Those holding either certificate should apply to the Master of Science in Education (MS.Ed) program.

Admission Requirements

  • Baseline undergraduate grade point average of 3.0
  • For BCITE and ME, passing scores on two Praxis II Examinations:
    • For all: Praxis II Fundamental Subjects, Test Number 30511
    • For BCITE: Praxis II Business Subjects, Test Number 10101
    • For ME: Praxis II Marketing Education, Test Number 10561
  • For IE: at least two years experience in the field and passing an Occupational Competency Assessment (OCA)
  • Pennsylvania Criminal background check
  • Child abuse and FBI clearances
  • Tuberculosis test

Application must include the following

Business, Computers, & Information Technology Education and Marketing Education

  • For BCITE and ME, passing scores on two Praxis II Examinations:
    • For all: Praxis II Fundamental Subjects, Test Number 30511
    • For BCITE: Praxis II Business Subjects, Test Number 10101
    • For ME: Praxis II Marketing Education, Test Number 10561
  • State and federal clearances
  • Official undergraduate (and graduate) transcripts from all accredited colleges or universities attended
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation
  • A professional goal statement

Industrial Education

  • Temple University VITAL Program Application (front signed by School District Representative; back notarized)
  • PDE Form 338V if presently teaching; PDE 338ES and letter from School District if promised a teaching position
  • State licenses if appropriate
  • Academic Transcripts if applicable
  • Trade/Professional Certifications if available

Application Deadline


Semester U.S Resident International Student
Fall April 1 December 15
Spring October 1 August 1
Summer April 1 December 15


Applications are processed throughout the year.
Applications can be completed online. Temple University Graduate School Online Application.

Program Requirements

  • 33-34 semester hours, including a semester of full-time student teaching (15 weeks)
  • A culminating performance assessment (portfolio) endorsed for certification

With faculty advisor permission, a student may take a maximum of nine credits of course work at Temple University toward degree requirements prior to matriculation. Six graduate credits may be transferred into the program from another University provided they

  • are current within 5 years.
  • fit into the program requirements.
  • are approved by a faculty advisor.

To remain in good academic standing and graduate, a student must have

  • no more than 2 grades below B- or one F.
  • at least a 3.0 grade point average.
  • no incomplete grades.
  • continuous consecutive enrollment for four years from the semester of acceptance.

Note: A leave of absence form is required and there is a fee is for any semester not enrolled. The semester of a leave of absence counts toward the four-year time limit.

Students must meet all prerequisites for the CTE concentration to which they are applying. An advisor will explain course and program prerequisites for specialization in the Career and Technical Education concentration.


Career and Technical Education

BCITE, Marketing, & Industrial Education



EDUC 5605: Models of Teaching     


EDUC 5402: Child and Adolescent Development


Pedagogy and Core Courses (18 s.h.)

SECE. 5471 Reading Problems


Pedagogy Course 1*   


Pedagogy Course 2*   


Pedagogy Course 2*   


TESL 8631: Foundations of Language Teaching*


SPED 5666: Inclusive School Practices


Student Teaching and Seminar (3/4 s.h.)

EDUC 5888 - Student Teaching and Seminar

  • BCITE/ME: 4 credits,
  • IE: 3 credits


Total (Post Baccalaureate, Certification Only)


Additional Courses for M. Ed. (6 s.h.)

EDUC 5255 - TCPK for Teachers (can be taken before student teaching)


EDUC 5409 - Research Methods and Induction Capstone (Must be taken after student teaching)


Total for Graduate Degree and Certification (See Note 1 below)



*Pedagogy Courses

Industrial Education

  • CTE 5401 Current Problems in Curriculum and Technical Education
  • CTE 5411 Evaluation and Assessment in CTE*
  • CTE 5426 Professionalism and Staff Development*

BCIT and Marketing

  • CTE 5669 (CTE 669) Project-Based Learning (See Note 2 below)
  • BSED 5513 (BE 513) Methods of Teaching
  • BSED 5514 (BE 514) Current Developments & Trends in BCITE or CTE 5401 Curriculum in CTE* or CTE 5426 Professionalism/Staff Development in CTE*


1. The PDE approved program for certification in CTE - Industrial Education encompasses both the Vocational Instructional and II certificates; therefore, the course requirements in this program are greater than for Temple's programs that award only the Instructional I certificate (i.e., 27 sh vs. 25 sh). Similarly, certification in BCIT and Marketing Education are K-12 certificates and require extra courses (i.e., 28 sh vs. 25 sh).

2. CTE courses are field-based (i.e., the content is applied with students in actual teaching situations).


Contact Information

Robert W. Clark, PhD., Advisor
Executive Director
Center for Professional Development in Career & Technical Education


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