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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Business, Computer, and Information Technology Education (PBCP)

Revised 11 21 13

In collaboration with the College of Education, the Center provides programs that lead to certification in business education. Candidates with a bachelor's degree or higher who do not seek another graduate degree may enroll in the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program. The program is designed to build on the academic competencies and technical experiences of the enrolling candidates. Admitted students must complete the program requirements to receive endorsements for Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate.

Program Description:

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Business, Computer, and Information Technology Education is a 27-semester-hour program of professional studies that builds on a platform of prerequisites experiences and courses. A list of the course work and experiences associated with this program is provided below.

Business Content Requirements (Prerequisites):


Course Area

Course Title

Computer and Information Technology Business Information Systems
Computers and Applications
Evidence of Keyboarding Skill
Law. entrepreneurship and international business Law of Contracts
Small Business Management
International Business
Quantitative skills and accounting Business Statistics
Accounting Principles I
Accounting Principles II
Intermediate Accounting I
Accounting Information Systems
Management and marketing concepts Organization and Management
Marketing Principles
Economics and personal finance Microeconomic Principles
Macroeconomic Principles
Money and Finance
Business communication Writing for Business & Industry
  Speech Communication



Professional Requirements (Courses):




Credit Hours

BE 5513 Methods of Microcomputer Applications 3
BE 5514 Current Trends in Business Education (Blended online/Classroom) 3
CTE 5669 Project-Based Learning for Children 3
ED 5605 Models of Teaching 3
EDUC 5402 Child and Adolescent Development 3
SecEd 5471 Reading Problems in Secondary Schools 3
SpEd 5666 Educating Students in Inclusive Settings (Online) 3
TESOL 8631 Foundations of Language Teaching 3
EDUC 5888 Supervised Teaching and Seminar (M.Ed. and PBCP Students register for a special 1 credit of the EDUC 5275 Seminar) 3



Praxis Examination and Performance Assessment:

Students need to complete and attain a satisfactory score on the following Praxis tests and undergo a performance assessment.

  • Praxis II: Subject Assessments
    • Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge (30511)
    • Business Education (10100)
  • Performance Assessment (This is not a Praxis test)
    • Student Teaching Evaluation (PDE Form 430)


The degree and certification programs in Career and Technical Education (Business, Computer, and Information Technology Education (BCITE); Industrial Education; Marketing Education) were recently revised to address new regulations from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). All students enrolling, as well as students already enrolled, in any of these programs for the first time in 2011-2012 are strongly recommended to check with the Student Resource Center (SRC) in the College of Education, or with the Department of Teaching & Learning (T&L), to affirm the requirements that pertain to their specific major. In addition, students should check the Undergraduate Bulletin web site for the most current information about these programs (Academic Programs section). It is also recommended that students meet with an advisor before enrolling in classes specific to these majors and leading to certification as a teacher. This is to assure that a candidate’s intended program of study will be compatible with the new requirements.

The PBCP in BCITE, once a free-standing program, is now part of the M.Ed. in the BCITE Program. This is to say that while the M.Ed. in BCITE is an eleven course master degree program to which all BCITE graduate students must apply, it differs in that one may elect to terminate the program after nine courses, attain the PDE Certification in BCITE, and forego the M.Ed. degree.

Contact Information:

Dr. D. James Gilmour
Program Advisor
Business, Computer & Information Technology and Marketing Education
Phone: 215.204.6197

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