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Vocational Emergency Permit

General Policies

Any person assigned to teach an approved secondary career and technical education program must hold a valid Pennsylvania teaching certificate. The first of these certificates is the Emergency Permit and it is valid for one school or academic year. For example, a certificate issued in November or May will expire on June 30 of the same school or academic year. The candidate's school entity initiates the process for the Vocational Emergency Permit and sends the application request to Temple University for endorsement.

Basic Requirements and Processing

  • The candidate must first apply to the Occupational Competency Assessment (OCA) testing program. The candidate must complete the OCA during the next regularly scheduled testing session. A completed OCA application, all supporting documentation and the appropriate testing fee must be on file at Temple University.
  • Using the application form (338ES), the candidate's school entity sends the emergency permit request to Temple University for endorsement. Upon endorsement, Temple University returns the emergency permit form to the school or school district, which then sends the entire application directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).
  • A U.S. licensed physician must complete the health certification section on the application form.
  • Candidates who are not U.S. citizens and/or were educated outside of the U.S. must request supplemental information and instructions from the PDE, Bureau of Career and Technical Education.

Contact Information

D. James Gilmour, PhD
Coordinator, Occupational Competency Assessment