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Marketing Education Frequently Asked Questions


Why consider a teaching career in Marketing education?

Marketing Education presents a promising future for persons in the teaching profession. With the recognition of the importance of distribution to our national economy, this field is important in preparing young people for employment. Enthusiastic support is offered by business firms and by state and national educational organizations. Many school districts need high-school Marketing education programs. Qualified individuals have an excellent opportunity in the field as there is a great demand for teacher-coordinators. If you are (a) considering going to college, or (b) currently attending a community or junior college, or (c) an undergraduate student at a four-year college, you may have a bright future in Marketing education.

What is Marketing education in the high school?

Marketing Education is a program of instruction for high-school students and comprises the fields of Marketing , Management, and Merchandising. Classes are normally offered in the junior and senior years under the direction of a qualified teacher-coordinator. Programs at the postsecondary level in technical schools and community colleges are also becoming increasingly available.

What does this field of teaching offer?

Teaching in the field of Marketing Education combines the personal satisfaction of teaching with the enjoyment of public relations work in the Marketing areas of business Marketing , wholesaling, and service. If you like the prestige of teaching and working with business leaders and young people, you will find this a challenging and rewarding career.

What does a Marketing education teacher-coordinator do?

A teacher-coordinator--

TEACHES several class periods daily of the recommended courses in the State program of instruction. Classes are usually taught during the morning hours.

ARRANGES for interviews and placement with cooperating business for the student-trainees enrolled.

COORDINATES the student's work experience with their classroom instruction. Coordinating is usually done during the afternoon.

SPONSORS a student organization (DECA) composed of student-trainees enrolled in the Marketing Education Program.

FOLLOWS-UP graduates to assure successful employment.