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Business, Computer, and Information Technology Education

Posted 9 17 13

The degree and certification program in Career and Technical Education (Business, Computer, and Information Technology Education (BCITE) addresses regulations from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). For the most current information, all prospective students and those already enrolled should check the Undergraduate Bulletin web site or the College of Education's web site.. It is also recommended that students meet with an advisor before enrolling in classes specific to these majors and leading to certification as a teacher. This is to assure that a candidate’s intended program of study will be compatible with the requirements.

Bachelor Degree Program Description

The program is designed to prepare individuals who are interested in teaching in the Business, Computer, and Information Technology occupational fields. Individuals admitted into the program must complete 123 credit hours of coursework, field experience and student teaching. Upon the successful completion of the program, individuals receive the bachelor's degree in education and an endorsement for PA Level I Instructional Certificate.

Program Requirements

Students who plan to earn a degree in the discipline and become certified to teach in the field must complete all requirements.

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For more Information Contact

Dr. D. James Gilmour
Program Advisor
Business, Computer & Information Technology and Marketing Education
Phone: 215.204.6197