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Connecting to
tusecurewireless or turesnet

Windows Vista - Quick Connect Steps


Note: If your computer is set up to log in to the “Temple” or “TU” active directory, or if you are unable to connect using the steps below, refer to the Windows Vista full setup procedure.

Registering (For TUresnet users only)

If you are planning to use the turesnet or turesnetextra network, you must register your computer before you can connect.

You do not need to register your computer if you are using the tusecurewireless network.

Register now

Connecting (For all users)

The following steps explain how to connect for the first time. After the initial connection is established, you will connect automatically when you are in range of the network.

Note: Before performing the steps below, verify that your laptop displays an active wireless connection. If the green connection light does not appear, activate the connection by pressing the appropriate switch or key on your laptop. For detailed instructions, refer to the user guide for your computer.

1. Right-click the Disconnect icon at the bottom of the Desktop. disconnect icon

2. Click Connect to a network. connect

3. Select tusecurewireless or turesnet > Connect.

Note: If a Connect Automatically check mark appears, select it. This will enable you to connect automatically when you are in range of the network.


4. Click Enter/select additional log on information. additional information

5. Enter your AccessNet username and password and then click OK.


6. At the Windows Security Alert window, click Connect. Sample Screen

6. At the "Successfully connected to tusecurewireless or turesnet" window, click Close. successful


1. Right-click the connecting icon at the bottom of the Desktop. connecting icon

2. Click Network and Sharing Center. network and sharing

3. Then, under tusecurewireless or turesnet, click Disconnect. disconnect

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