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Connecting to
tusecurewireless or turesnet

Mac OS - Quick Connect Steps


Note: If you are unable to connect using the steps below, refer to the full setup procedure for Mac OS X Lion / Mountain Lion or Mac OS X (pre-Lion).

Registering (For TUresnet users only)

If you are planning to use the turesnet or turesnetextra network, you must register your computer before you can connect.

You do not need to register your computer if you are using the tusecurewireless network.

Register now

Connecting (For all users)

1. Click the Airport icon and select tusecurewireless or turesnet. Sample Screen

2. Perform the following:

a) Enter your AccessNet username and password.

b) Make sure Remember this network is selected.

c) Click Join.

Sample Screen

3. Click Continue. Sample Screen

4. Type your Mac administrator password and click Update Settings. Sample Screen

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