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Troubleshooting Wireless
Connection Problems

Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion

If you are having trouble establishing a wireless connection, perform the following steps:

1. Click the Airport icon on the upper right portion of the screen and select Turn Wi-Fi Off. Turn Wi-Fi Off screenshot

2. Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

System Preferences screenshot

3. Under Internet & Wireless, click Network.

System Preferences: Network Screenshot

4. Click Wi-Fi. Then click Advanced. Network Screenshot

5. In the Preferred Networks box, click tusecurewireless or turesnet. Then click the minus sign (-) to remove it. Wi-Fi Advanced Screenshot 1

6. Click OK.

Wi-Fi Advanced Screenshot 2

7. In the Network window click Apply. Then close the Network window. Wi-Fi Advanced Screenshot 3

8. From the Finder, click Go and then Utilities.

Go Menu

9. Double-click Keychain Access. Keychain Access Icon

10. On the left portion of the screen under Category, click All Items. Then in the Name column, look for any of the following items:

- tusecurwireless
- turesnet
- Blue Socket

If any of these items appear, click on each one and press the delete key to remove it.

Keychain Access: All Items

11. At the confirmation screen, click Delete. Confirmation Screen

12. Type your Mac administrator password and click Update Settings. Mac Password Prompt

13. Restart your Mac.. Then select Turn Wi-Fi On. Turn Wi-Fi On Screenshot

14. Click the TUsecurewireless or TUresnet network. Selecting a Network

15. Enter your AccessNet username and password and click Join. Conneting to network: Login Prompt

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