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Printing your paper at Temple is easy with Print on the Go. Print on the Go allows you to submit print requests wirelessly. You can then print the documents at any Print on the Go print station location.

Print on the Go saves you time, as it eliminates the need to transfer files to a USB drive or upload them to OWLbox or Google Docs for printing. You also don't have to wait for a lab computer to become available.

Temple offers two Print on the Go services:

Print on the Go Mobile

Print on the Go Mobile is Temple's newest mobile printing option and is your best choice for mobile printing. It offers you the following advantages over Temple's older Print on the Go Classic service:

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Print on the Go Classic

If you previously installed a "Print on the Go" driver on your laptop, this older method for wireless printing will still continue to work from any TUsecurewireless or TUresnet network location.

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