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Obtaining Guest Wireless Access

If you are visiting Temple University or the Temple University Health System, you can register for free wireless network access using the TUguestwireless network. Once you are registered and receive your password, you can then log in to the TUsecurewireless network for up to 24-hours. If you need additional time, you can simply re-register.

Notes: You will need to have your cell phone with you when registering. A cell phone is needed because your pre-assigned password will be sent to your cell phone as a text message.

Registering for Guest Wireless Access

1. Connect to the TUguestwireless network. Then open a web browser on your device.

2. On the Guest Access To Temple's Wireless Network page, click Register for guest access.

Guest Wireless Registration Screen 1

3. On the Guest Registration page:

  1. Type your ten-digit cell phone number
    (without any dashes, spaces, or parentheses).
  2. Select your cell phone provider.
  3. Type your first name.
  4. Type your last name.
  5. Click the box next to I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions below. Then click Register.

You will shortly receive a text message with your assigned password.

Guest Wireless Registration Screen 2

4. Once you receive your password via a text message, connect to the TUsecurewireless network as follows:

  • username = your cell phone number (without any dashes, spaces, or parentheses)
  • password = the text sent to your cell phone

If you need help with connecting, see the connecting instructions.

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