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Uploading your Dreamweaver Files
to the Astro Web Server

I. Introduction

Temple students and employees can host web sites on a central web server called Astro. When Computer Services created an AccessNet account for you, an account with a public_html directory was also created on Astro. This directory provides a storage area for all your Web files.

When you use Adobe Dreamweaver, you can upload your site directly to your Astro account. Before you can upload any files, however, you need to set up a Dreamweaver connection to your Astro account. This guide provides instructions for setting up this connection, uploading your files, and viewing your web site.

Note: These instructions assume you are using Adobe Dreamweaver CS 5.

II. Setting up a Connection to the Server

1. In Dreamweaver, click on Site and then select New Site.

Sample Screen

2. Perform the following:

a) In the Site Name box, type a name for the site.

b) Click on the folder icon and select the location where you wish to save the files on your computer. The file path listing in the Local Site Folder box will reflect the location you selected.

Sample Screen

3. Click Servers and then click the + symbol.

Sample Screen

4. Perform the following:

a) In the Server Name box, type Astro.

b) In the Connect using box, select SFTP.

Note: Make the Port remains set to 22.

c) In the SFTP Address box, type:

d) In the Username box, type your AccessNet username.

e) In the Password box, type your AccessNet password.

f) Click on Test to check that you can connect to the server. When notified that Dreamweaver connected successfully, click OK.

g) In the Root Directory box, type: public_html


  • The Save check box is automatically filled in so that you do not have to enter your password when transferring files to and from your Astro account. If you are working from a public computer, uncheck this box.

  • The Web URL box will be filled in automatically and does not need to be changed.

h) Click Save.

Sample Screen

III. Uploading Your Entire Site

1. To upload your entire web site, right-click on the site folder and select Put.

Sample Menu

2. Click OK to verify the upload. Sample message

IV. Uploading Individual Files or Folders

1. To upload a file or folder, right-click on the file or folder and select Put.

Sample Menu

2. Click Yes or No when prompted to upload dependent files.

According to Adobe, "Dependent files are images, external style sheets, and other files referenced in your document that a browser loads when it loads the document."

In general, it is a good idea to upload dependent files, but if current versions of these files already exist on the Astro server, you do not need to upload them again.

Sample Screen

V. Viewing Your Site

You or anyone else can now view your page by typing the following address:

For example, if your AccessNet username is jdoe, you would type:

The tilde character (~) is located on the upper left of the keyboard. When you specify this address, the system will display the file named index.htm, index.html, default.htm, or default.html. If you wish to directly access another Web page in your account, type the filename, such as:

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