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Install Citrix Receiver for Mac OS

Temple's TUapps are a group of programs residing on a central server that are available to selected individuals within Temple University. You do not need to have these applications installed on your computer to use them. Instead, you just need to download and install a free client called Citrix Receiver.

Certain TUapps containing sensitive information, require additional security measures when being accessed from off-campus. These are known as Restricted TUapps. To access the Restricted TUapps from off-campus, you will need an RSA SoftID or SecurID.

Table of Contents

I. Before You Begin

II. Remove the Citrix Online Plug-in

III. Install Citrix Receiver

I. Before You Begin
  • To perform these steps, you must have the ability to install software on your computer. If you are using a Temple-issued computer, you may not have the privileges to do this. For assistance, please contact the Computer Services Help Desk at or 215-204-8000.

  • These steps assume you are using Safari. The steps may vary slightly if you are using a different web browser.

II. Remove the Citrix Online Plug-in
If you previously accessed the TUapps using the Citrix Online Plug-in, you will need to uninstall it from your computer before you can install Citrix Receiver. Use the following instructions to check if the online plug in is installed and to remove it if necessary.
1. From the Desktop, click the Go menu and select Downloads.

2. If the Citrix Online Plug-in appears, double-click it. Downloads folder showing Citrix Online Plug-in

3. Double-click the Uninstall Citrix Online Plug-in icon. Then follow the prompts to uninstall the program.


Uninstall Citrix Online Plug-in Icon

III. Install Citrix Receiver
1. Open a web browser and go to Then click Download Receiver for Mac. Download Citrix Receiver prompt

2. Click the Show downloads icon on the upper-right portion of the window.

When the CitrixReceiverWeb.dmg file is finished downloading, double-click it.

Download Citrix Receiver screen showing download complete prompt

3. Close the Safari window by clicking the red close button on the upper left corner.


Downloading Citrix Receiver screen

4. Double-click the Install Citrix Receiver.pkg icon. Install Citrix Receiver.pkg prompt

5. Click Continue. Welcome to the Citrix Receiver Installer screen

6. Click Continue. Software License Agreement

7. If you wish to read the software license agreement, click Read License. Then click Agree.

Read Licence and Agree buttons

8. Click Install. Install button

9. Type your Mac username and password. Then click Install Software. Mac username and password prompt

10. When notified the installation is complete, click Close. Installation Succesful Screen

11. Close the Citrix Receiver window. Close screen icon

12. To access your applications, see Log In to the TUapps.

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