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Temple's TUapps are a group of programs residing on a central server that are available to selected individuals within Temple University. You do not need to have these applications installed on your computer to use them. Instead, you just need to download and install a free client called Citrix Receiver.

Certain TUapps containing sensitive information, require additional security measures when being accessed from off-campus. These are known as Restricted TUapps. To access the Restricted TUapps from off-campus, you will need an RSA SoftID or SecurID.

Note: Before using these instructions, you must install Citrix Reciver for Windows or Mac OS.

Table of Contents

I. Log in to the TUapps (On-Campus)

II. Log in to the TUapps (Off-Campus)

III. Access the TUapps

IV. Log off from the TUapps

I. Log In to the TUapps from On-Campus
1. Go to Then enter your AccessNet username and password and click Log On. On-campus web login screen

2. Proceed to Section III, Access the TUapps.

II. Log In to the TUapps from Off-Campus

1. Go to Then perform one of the following:

  • To access the regular TUapps, type your AccessNet username and password and click Log On. Then, proceed to Section II, Access the TUapps.

  • To access the restricted TUapps, click RSA Login and proceed to the next step.
Off-campus web login screen

2. Type your your AccessNet username and password. Then, perform one of the following:

  • If you have a SoftID, type your token only and click Log On.

  • If you have a SecurID, type the last four digits of your Social Security number followed by your RSA SecurID and click Log On.

    For example, if the last four digits of your SS# is 5555 and your SecurID is 123456, you would enter 5555123456.

Off-campus RSA login screen

3. If a warning message appears, click Allow. Internet Explorer Security message showing the Allow button highlighted

4. Proceed to Section III, Access the TUapps.

III. Access the TUapps

1. When you log in, the Citrix Receiver Desktop appears.

To select an application, click the plus symbol (+) on the left of the Citrix Receiver desktop.

Plus symbol with Add your favorite apps prompt

2. Click All Applications. All applications menu

3. Click the application you want to access. List of applications

4. A green check mark appears to the right of the application name.

Click on the Citrix Receiver desktop, either to the right or below the menu.

Green checkmark next to selected application

5. The icon for the applications you previously selected appears on the desktop. The icon remains there each time you log in to Citrix Receiver, regardless of which type of computer or device you use.

Click this icon to access the program.


Citrix Receiver desktop showing the icon for the applciations you selected

Note: To remove an application icon from the Citrix Receiver desktop, right-click on the icon and select Remove.

Remove application icon menu option

IV. Log Off from the TUapps
1. Click the the down arrow next to your AccessNet username at the top of the window and select Log Off. Log off menu option

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