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Studies show that being aware of your body position can help you work safer and longer--it's called ergonomics. To maintain an ergonomic workstation, adjustment and positioning are key elements. The following guidelines will help you maintain a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Place the keyboard directly in front of the monitor and your arms as wide as your shoulders.
  • Position the mouse so you don't have to reach for it.
  • Set the monitor between 12-18" from you and center it just below your nose.
  • Watch for glare from the lights; good light is important, but too much light can be bad for your eyes.
  • Keep your hands, wrists, and arms at a soft 90˚ angle, your feet flat on the floor, and lower back in the seat; and try not to hunch your shoulders.
  • Try putting your reading material on a stand or copy rest to alleviate looking down and hunching your shoulders.

The following ergonomic devices are available in the TECH Center:

We invite you to try these devices and give us feedback about your experience.


Love 'um or hate 'um? Trackballs minimize the movement necessary to move the cursor. When your hands and arms in the right position, using a track ball will help to keep them there. The only part of a trackball that moves is the center ball. Using a trackball requires no arm movement.

  Logitech Marble Mouse   Orbit Optical Trackball
  Logitech Marble Mouse   Orbit Optical Trackball

Vertical (“Handshake”) Mice
Vertical mice have a way of turning things sideways! The concept behind these mice is to mimic the natural shape of your outstretched hand.

To use a vertical mouse, place your hand as though you were reaching for a handshake and move the device like a standard mouse. The “click” buttons are positioned in the familiar places and each of these mice has a scroll wheel.

  AirObic Mouse   Evoluent Vertical Mouse  
  AirObic Mouse   Evoluent Vertical Mouse  



Ergonomic keyboards take many shapes and sizes: some are small and fixed while others are large and moveable. Which is right for you? Whatever feels the most comfortable! Try them all! If you're broad-shouldered, a small keyboard will probably not be comfortable for you. If you want to try using a split keyboard, you can adjust it to find the most comfortable position.

MiniTouch Keyboard with Touchpad   Goldtouch Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard   Tru-Form Pro Ergonomic Keyboard - without touchpad   Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

MiniTouch Keyboard (with Touchpad)
Gold Touch Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard

Demonstration (Transcription)
Tru Form Ergonomic Keyboard
(without Touchpad)
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Large Monitor


Does size matter? Yes, it does. Larger monitors reduce eye fatigue and allow you to see more of the document in front of you.

There are two sizes of monitors in the TECH Center with adjustable heights. Try to position the monitor so that the center of your mouth is approximately in the center of the screen. That way, you are looking slightly down at the screen.

large monitor  
Large Monitor  

Arm Support


Ergo-rest arm supports may look strange, but they are designed to support your upper body and reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries.

To use an arm support, place your forearm in the pad and adjust the height to allow the pad to “float” over your keyboard and mouse. The height adjustment is a small dial in front of where the support is clamped to the desk.

arm support  
Arm Support

Height Adjustable Workstations


Ever wanted to stand up to work for awhile? Are you tall and bump your knees under the desk, or short and have to lift your arms to reach the desk? An adjustable height workstation may be for you! These workstations can be electrically adjusted easily to any height and can allow you to work from multiple positions. If you have back problems or difficulty sitting in one place too long, check these out!

table down   table up  
Height Adjustable Workstations  


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