Smart classroom and clickers

TurningPoint Workshops to Feature Clickers in the Classroom

Want your students to take a more active role in their learning? Are important concepts you are presenting in class being understood? With TurningPoint clickers, you can easily engage your students in the learning process and get immediate feedback.


If you are unfamiliar with clickers or want to learn more about this technology, you are invited to the special Computer Services event, “The Benefits of TurningPoint Clickers for Teaching & Learning,” on Thursday, September 12th. In a series of workshops, representatives from Turning Technologies will demonstrate the various uses of clickers as well as new features, such as polling, best practices, and accessibility. These workshops were presented in earlier in March this year and they were well attended and received.


As a bonus, Turning Technologies will provide lunch for registrants at 12:00 noon!


For additional information and to register for this event and lunch, go to the Seminars & Workshops site and, in the Keyword Search box, enter Turning and click Search.


If you have any questions, contact the Instructional Support Center (ISC) at or 215-204-0789.


Looking forward to seeing you at the workshops!

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