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Make the Most of PowerPoint with Four Tips

Make the most of PowerPoint's features by trying out these four tips:

  • Need to give your graphics or photos some dimension? Double-click on the image, and from the Arrange section of the menu bar, select Effects and then Bevel to add subtle 3D effects.

  • Need to layer a graphic by placing it behind or in front of another graphic or text? On the PC, right-click on the graphic and select Move to Front or Move to Back. On the Mac, right-click, select Arrange and then choose Bring to Front or Send to Back.

  • Need to see the flow of your presentation at a glance and easily rearrange slides? Select View on the menu bar and then Slide Sorter.

  • Need to combine multiple presentations or move slides from one presentation to another? First, open the presentations. Then on the PC, select View on the menu bar and then Arrange All. On the Mac, select Window from the menu bar and then Arrange All. The presentation files will open up side-by-side and you can then drag slides from one presentation to the other.

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