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Beware of the Dangers of Geotagging

Throughout National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Computer Services has been sharing important tips to help you stay safe online.


Most of us like to share photos. But did you know that you could also be sharing your location when posting images online?


Geotagging is a feature on mobile devices that automatically includes your location in the image data of a file. If you share a photo that you took at home with this feature turned on, you're sharing where you live. Likewise, if you post a vacation photo, you are confirming that you're not home. This can potentially lead to dangerous situations, including but not limited to home burglary and stalking.


The good news is you can protect yourself and disable geotagging on your mobile device and/or wipe geotagging information from your photos before sharing them online.

  • You can disable geotagging on your camera only or disable location services on your phone for all applications. Since the process for disabling this feature varies from device-to-device, we highly recommend that you search for your cell phone manufacturer’s procedure.

  • There are free EXIF editors that allow you to wipe geotagging information from your image files. For more information, search for wipe geotagging.

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