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Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Web Browsing

When browsing the web, consider these time-saving shortcuts:

  • Skip the http://www
    There is no need to include the http:// or www. when entering a website address. For example, to go to YouTube, just type and press Enter.

  • Quickly go to the address bar
    On a PC, you can easily move the cursor to the browser address bar to type a new web address by pressing F6 or holding down the Alt key and pressing D. On the Mac, hold down the command key and press L. This shortcut saves you the trouble of moving and clicking the mouse.

  • Toggle between full-screen and normal view
    You can quickly increase the size of your web browser window by toggling between full-screen view and normal view. To do this on a PC, press F11. On a Mac, hold down the control and command keys and press F.

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