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Keep Confidential Information Off the Commercial Cloud

Evernote was recently hacked and the service reported that usernames, e-mail addresses, and encrypted passwords were accessed. This breach raises serious concerns about the appropriate use of cloud-based services such as Evernote, Google Docs, Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox.


Commercial cloud providers offer a convenient service for sharing and storing files which has contributed greatly to their popularity and widespread use. The security and privacy policies of these services vary and are subject to change. These services, therefore, should never be used to store Temple information that is confidential and restricted, such as Social Security numbers and information protected or covered by regulations such as FERPA, HIPAA, and GLBA.


If you need storage for files that contain confidential information, talk to your supervisor about using TUcloud. This University resource provides departments with computing and storage space on Temple's centrally managed servers. The servers are administered by Computer Services and reside in Temple's main data centers.


If you have any questions about data classification, contact Leo Nelson, the University Privacy Officer, at or 215-204-6596. If you have general security questions, contact Seth Shestack at or 215-204-5884.

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