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Easily Compare Two Versions of a Word Document

When collaborating with others on a document, it's very easy to lose track of which version of a file has the latest changes. Fortunately, Microsoft Word has a compare feature, that enables you to quickly spot the differences between two files.


On a PC, click the Review tab. Then click the Compare icon and then Compare. On a Mac, click Tools, Track Changes, and Compare Documents. Next, on either platform, browse to select an original document and then the revised document. Then click More (PC) or the triangle icon Down arrow icon on the Mac to display more options (Mac) and select New Document under Show Changes in. Finally, click OK.


A window will appear with the comparison results. On a PC, the changes between the two documents will be highlighted in the center. The left side will show a summary of the changes and the right side will include the original and revised documents. On a Mac, only one window will appear showing the changes. 


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