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If it's time to buy a new computer and you're wondering about getting Windows 8, start by reviewing the following recommendations:

  • Verify that the software you plan to use will work properly by checking the Microsoft Windows 8 Compatibility Center. Be advised that the compatibility status of some specialized software packages is still unknown at this time. In these cases, information provided by Microsoft and/or the vendor is not currently available.

  • See the Windows 8 Advisory website for the latest results from Computer Services tests on compatibility with software used at Temple.

  • Consult with your school, college or departmental technical support to verify that Windows 8 is appropriate for your particular situation.

  • Computer Services does not recommend upgrading your existing computer to Windows 8. Upgrading increases the risk of encountering significant problems, including hardware incompatibility or loss of data.

Learn about Windows 8
Windows 8 has a completely new user interface that is part of Microsoft's overall strategy to move towards a mobile device/iPad look and feel. Learn more about the new interface and features in the Windows 8 Essential Training video on the website. Your AccessNet username and password is needed to view this video.


If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk through the TUhelp web site at or call 215-204-8000.

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