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Quick Tip: Make Your Presentation More Dynamic

If you're in the middle of a PowerPoint presentation and want to really drive a point home, consider using the annotation tools. With these tools, you can draw or highlight sections on a slide while it is projected on the screen.


To try out the tools, open a PowerPoint presentation and start your slide show. With a slide on the screen, right-click the mouse button or press the Control key and click. From the menu, select Pointer Options and then Pen or Highlighter. (Only the Pen option is available on the Mac.) Then, click and drag the mouse to draw or highlight areas on the slide. You can also select Ink/Pen Color under Pointer Options to choose your drawing/highlight color. An Eraser tool is also available on the PC version. To reset the cursor back to the Power Point arrow, select Pointer Options and then Arrow.


When you exit slide show view on the PC, you will be prompted to keep your "ink annotations." Select Discard to remove them or Keep to retain them. Annotations are not saved on the Mac.


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