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Collaboration Continues on the Banner Project

As you may know, the Banner system has been up and running for over 2 years. So, you might think, the project is complete.


In fact, that’s not quite true. To build on the momentum and the extensive collaboration that emerged among many offices during the Banner implementation, Temple has established a new type of system support unit called Competency Centers. These Centers bring together the staff from administrative offices who possess the functional /business knowledge of how things run in departments, schools and colleges, with the technical staff in Computer Services. With expertise on both the functional and technical sides, they develop innovative ideas for key system bolt-ons and workflow, portal, and process improvements.


Centers have been established in the Finance, Human Resources, Institutional Advancement, and Student areas. Each Center’s staff members are located in the same office space so they can collaborate and work together as one unit on a daily basis. Staff still report through their respective departments, schools or colleges.


Stay tuned for more information about the Competency Centers. Staff in the Centers are developing ways to keep you informed of their progress.


If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk through the TUhelp web site at or call 215-204-8000.


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