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Don't Fall for New Phone Phishing Scam

If you're savvy about email phishing scams, now be on the lookout for phone phishing. As reported in the news, a new phone scam is making the rounds in which a "support" person, who is supposedly calling from "Microsoft" or "Dell," notifies you that you have viruses on your computer. The scammer then offers to help clean up your computer and asks you to follow a series of instructions. The process ultimately gives the scammer remote access to your machine to install malicious software, look at your personal files, or extort money.


For your protection, remember to always be suspicious of unsolicited requests for personal information and offers to help. Even if the caller sounds legitimate, do not fall for these types of scams. Just hang up.


To learn more about safe computing, see the Stay Safe Online web site. Also visit Temple's National Cyber Security Awareness Month web site.


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