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Gear Up Your Blackboard Courses for Spring 2012

Now is a good time to create or reuse courses in Blackboard. With Blackboard, you can conveniently store your syllabi, assignments, and materials in one place for your students and make updates whenever you want. Blackboard also has a handy Auto-Enrollment feature so you can restrict access to your materials only to students who are registered for your class.


See how it takes just a few clicks to create your course and enroll your students in a short video (3.42 minutes) for the PC/Mac or iPad. Step-by-step instructions are also available. If you have an existing course and wish to recycle the materials, follow the instructions for archiving and reusing your Blackboard course.


For more information, see the Instructional Support Center web site for the Blackboard webinars and training sessions scheduled for next week, as well as online reference guides.


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