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Resources for Residence Hall Students

Get Connected!
Spring 2014

Telephone and Internet services are amenities which are included with the price of your room.

Internet Service

Telephone Service

  • Temple’s telephone service enables you to:

    - Receive incoming calls
    - Make free five-digit internal campus calls
    - Make emergency 911 calls (press 9-911)
    - Use a prepaid calling card to make local, toll-free, suburban, long-distance,
      and international calls

  • In Morgan Hall, the telephone displays your apartment-suite phone number.

    To confirm your phone number in the other residence halls, dial #*113 from your phone. You will hear your location code and 4-digit extension, e.g. 8-xxxx. Your complete phone number is 215-777-xxxx.

  • Use the Get Connected web site to request voice mail service (not available in Morgan Hall) and look up your phone number.

  • If you have a broken phone jack or Ethernet jack, call 4-HELP or 215-204-7722.

  • Use Temple’s phone service to:
    - Call off campus: 9 + 1, then follow the instructions on your calling card
    - Access voice mail: *5 (not available in Morgan Hall)
    - Contact Campus Police: 1-1234
    - Contact Philadelphia Police: 9-911

General Residence Hall Information

For more information about the residence halls, see the Temple University Housing and Residential Life web site and Facebook page.


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