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One of the growing concerns about maintaining the security of personal computers is the technology generally referred to as spyware. Without your permission or knowledge, spyware software attaches itself to your computer when you visit particular Web sites or when you download certain software. Spyware can monitor and collect information from your computer, such as e-mail addresses, Web browsing history, and online buying habits. Then, the spyware creates a profile and uses your Internet bandwidth to send this information to its client company.

As a result, a stream of pop-up advertisements that relate to your profile can appear on your computer, even if a browser is not open. In addition, spyware can also affect the stability of your computer and decrease the speed of your Web browser. For more information about spyware, please see Spyware 101.

To help maintain the security of your computer and keep it in optimum working condition, Temple is encouraging the University community to install Temple’s version of Symantec Endpoint Protection. This software flags and removes spyware as well as viruses from your computer. For information, click on the Virus Information link on the left.

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