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How to Secure a Computer: Mac OS X


Note: These procedures are designed for system administrators.

To help secure a Mac OS X system, follow the guidelines below:


1. Set up ownership privileges.
Open the Sharing Setup control panel, and set an owner name, owner password, and computer name.

2. Install Symantec Endpoint Protection.
Temple University provides a site-license for Symantec Endpoint Protection software which allows all students, faculty and staff to use it free on computers connected to Temple's network. The software must be set to auto-update in order to keep the virus definition files current.

3. Disable file sharing.
Using the Sharing Setup control panel, disable this feature unless absolutely needed. Use the File Sharing button and Program Linking button and make sure both are stopped.

4. Use the Mac OS Software Update feature to download and automatically install critical software patches and updates.


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