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Establish a Remote Desktop Connection
to Your Office Computer

Windows 7/Vista/XP

1. If you are connecting to your office computer from off campus, log on to Temple's network using Citrix Access Gateway.

2. Click Start/All Programs/Accessories/Remote Desktop Connection.

Sample Screen

3. Enter the host name your office computer. Then click Connect.

Sample Screen

4. If you are warned that the identity of the remote computer cannot be verified and prompted if you want to connect anyway, click Yes. Sample Screen

5. A log in window will appear for your office computer. Enter your AccessNet username and password. The Log on to: box should be set to either TEMPLE or TU, depending on how your office computer is set up. Sample Screen

6. After logging on, a window will appear displaying the actual screen of your computer on campus.

Note: While you are connected to your office computer from home, the actual computer in the office will be locked, preventing access. The work you are performing remotely will not display on the screen.

Sample Screen

Ending Your Remote Desktop Connection
To end your Remote Desktop session, close the window that displays your office computer.

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