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ISC Consultations

"Other" denotes a consultation outside of an Instructional Support Center location. Examples of other locations include office visits, special departmental presentations, consultations in a consultant's office, etc.

For data points without values, the location was not open.


  • On 9/1/01, the hours of operation in the HSC ISC were reduced to 4 days per week.
  • On 9/1/01, the Speakman ISC closed.
  • On 8/31/2003, The HSC hours were re-instated.
  • On 12/15/05, the Gladfelter ISC location closed.
  • On 1/17/06, the TECH Center location opened.
  • On 6/30/06, the Tuttleman ISC location closed.
  • On 5/17/2010, the HSC ISC was relocated to Kresge.