Classroom Response Systems (TurningPoint)

To encourage active classroom participation, Temple instructors may use a classroom response system such as TurningPoint. Using response pads, also referred to as “clickers,” students can answer questions, respond to surveys, take opinion polls, and much more through PowerPoint slides.

Response systems can be used in either anonymous, individual, or team modes:

  • In the anonymous mode, instructors cannot identify individual student responses. This mode is most commonly used for surveys and opinion polls.
  • In the individual mode, instructors can create participant lists to identify individual responses. This mode is frequently used to take attendance.
  • In the team mode, students participate in groups through a TurningPoint slide presentation. Instructors can identify which students are in which groups but cannot identify individual responses.

Purchase a Response Pad
In addition to the campus bookstore, students can now purchase TurningPoint response pads (clickers) at a discount directly from the Turning Technologies Online Store. Unless your instructor specifies otherwise, the recommended model is RFC-03BX (online price: $32 plus shipping).

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