ISC Policies

  • The Instructional Support Center (ISC) is for use by Temple University faculty working on Temple University course-related instructional materials.
  • Students developing instructional materials for Temple faculty are permitted to use the ISC with prior permission from the ISC manager and a written letter from the sponsoring faculty.
  • You must present your Temple University ID and check in at the reception desk before entering the ISC.
  • You must provide storage media such as disks, zip cartridges, or CDs to save your work.
  • You must bring your own paper. You will be permitted to make one copy of your output.
  • The ISC is not responsible for disks, documents, or other materials including electronic documents left in the ISC.
  • Scheduled appointments take precedence over walk-in clients.
  • Off-campus phone calls are not permitted from the ISC phone.