Guidelines for Breakout Rooms

To reserve a room, please read the details provided, and then complete a room request form located at the bottom of this page.

Rooms 107 and 111 are for use by Temple University faculty and staff only.
Space for student meetings and events are available in TECH Center student breakout rooms. Space for student meetings is also available at the Student Activities Center. Students who would like to reserve space in the TECH Center student breakout rooms should contact the Service Desk at 215-204-9898. To reserve a meeting room in the Student Activities Center, contact the Reservation Coordinator at 215-204-7131.

Rooms 107 and 111 are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please book the room as early as possible. Also, if you cancel your meeting or event, please call 1-215-204-8529  to cancel your room reservation so that someone else can use the space.

Normal hours of operation are 8:00AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
Space for evening and weekend events may be scheduled in other locations on campus by calling the Space Management Office at 215-204-1936.

If you need set-up and/or clean-up time before or after an event, please build that into the time when you request to use the space.

Other Services
Depending on the type of meeting or event scheduled, catering services, furniture arrangement, and/or software installation may be necessary.  While accommodations can be made for these services, it is the event scheduler’s responsibility to make these arrangements and for proper clean-up after an event.

Catering arrangements can be made by contacting Sodexho Catering at 215-204-6789.  Cleanup services can be arranged by contacting Housekeeping at 215-204-8460. It is the event scheduler’s responsibility to fully coordinate catering and clean-up.

Furniture Arrangement
It is possible to add 10 additional seats and/or rearrange the furniture in Room 111, Furniture arrangement is the responsibility of the event scheduler.  Returning furniture to its original position at the end of an event is also the responsibility of the event scheduler. Furniture arrangements can be made through Facilities Management. Please submit a Work Request at least 5 business days prior to the event and also specify that the furniture be returned to its original order after the event.

Software Installation
If you need software installed on the computer in the room or need additional presentation hardware, please contact the Instructional Support Center at 215-204-0789 at least 5 business days prior to the event.  It is also recommended that you schedule a time before your scheduled event to test any software or technology with which you are unfamiliar.

Abuse of privileges
Computer Services reserves the right to place additional conditions on the use of or to refuse users from re-booking either room if the room, furniture, or computer equipment is abused in any way during a scheduled event by that user or other users associated with the department. Additionally, Computer Services may decide at its discretion to refuse advance booking of rooms to users who repeatedly reserve the room and do not show-up without cancelling their reservation.

Reserve a Room
Temple University faculty and staff members can check the availability of room 107 or 111 by contacting the Instructional Support Center at 1-0789.  If you need to cancel a reservation that has been placed, you will be required to contact the ISC.