Instructional Technology at Temple


Tools Built Into Blackboard Other Computer Services-Supported Tools
Instructor to students Announcements, email, messages TUmail, listserv
Students to instructor Email, Messages Tumail, Lync
Students to students Email, messages, Spaces TUmail, listserv; Lync
Distribute Materials/ Share Documents
Text Content editor, upload files Box, custom web pages on or Google sites
Audio Podcast tool, Video tool, Relay Relay, Ensemble
Video Mashup tool, TUcapture Relay, Ensemble
Images Upload files Box
Image slide shows Gallery Gallery
Manage Grades
Securely publish grades Grade Center Not available
Calculate grades Grade Center Excel
Weight grades Grade Center Excel
Collect Assignments
Publish and Collect Assignments,  Bboogle E-mail, Google docs
Check for Originality Turnitin, Safe Assignments Turnitin
Administer Tests & Surveys
Tests and quizzes Tests, Test Pools Not available
Surveys Surveys Google forms, TurningPoint
Discussion Board Discussion Board Listserv
Blogs Blog tool
Wiki Wiki tool Not available
Application sharing Bboogle Google docs
Group work Group blogs, wikis, e-mail, discussion board, Spaces Google Docs, Sites, Hangouts
Share documents Blogs, wikis, discussion board, assignments, Spaces Box
Record Presentations and Demonstrations
From home or office Relay, Video tool Relay
In classroom on campus TUcapture TUcapture
Conduct Live Classes and Office Hours
From home or office Not available WebEx, Google+, Lync
In classrooms on campus Not available Polycom, WebEx, Google+, Lync