Course & Presentation Design

For  the Online and Face-to-Face Classroom

Web-based Applications

Blackboard is a Web-based course management system that serves as Temple’s primary online course creation, delivery, and management tool.  Instructional designers are on-hand to help build your Blackboard Course and work with the collaborative tools offered:

  • Outline your BB course
  • Add course material
  • Enroll participants to access content
  • Create and deliver online tests and quizzes
  • Set up course discussion groups, listservs, chat rooms, and online meetings
  • Add interactivity:  Blogs, Wikis
  • Teach with Images:  Gallery, an online image database
  • Conduct classes online:  WebEx

The Blackboard page located under the Our Services menu provides details regarding Blackboard, Blackboard policies & procedures, reference and how-to materials, and access to upcoming workshops.

WordPress (

Sites is based on WordPress,  a popular Web-based content management and blog publishing tool. Instructional designers are available to help you build your site at as a collaborative site to be accessed by your students.

Presentation Applications

Captivate (Adobe)
Simulate the use of an application and engage learners with interactivity and multimedia through Adobe Captivate.  We will help you build and publish your eLearning content to your Web site or Blackboard that will enable your participants to access from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

An instructional designer will help you design a PowerPoint presentation that will convey your message to your audience and effectively support your narration.

Presenter (Adobe)
Import your existing Microsoft PowerPoint content into Adobe Presenter and make it more engaging with rich media, voice narration, and interactivity.  Publish the presentation to include closed-captioning  for access through the Internet.