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Setting up a video chat in Gmail

The chat feature in Gmail allows you to have a video conference with another Gmail user. To use the video chat feature, you need to have a webcam and install the Gmail voice and video plug-in. You can then send a chat invitation to any of your contacts who have also installed the Gmail plug-in.

Note: When using any video chat program, it is important to follow basic security practices such as:

In addition, some webcams include a modesty shield which you can flip down to cover the lens. For added security, you can also disconnect your webcam after a chat session.

The following instructions provide a guide to setting up and using the chat feature in Gmail:

Installing the voice and video plug-in
1. Log in to your TU Gmail account.

2. Go to the upper right corner and, to the right of the message count, click the Gear icon > Settings. gear icon

3. Click Chat. Chat

4. Go to Chat and verify that "Chat on" is selected.

Note: The My chat history feature offers the option to save your chat history in your TUmail account. Verify that your choice for this option is selected.

If you made any changes click Save Changes, otherwise, click Cancel to close the window.

Chat on

5. Go to the folders on the left and click Chat > Add voice & video. Add voice and video

6. Then click Install voice and video chat. Install voice and video chat

7. At the "Thanks for Installing Google voice and video chat" confirmation window, click Close.

Note: Depending on your operating system and browser, this window may notify you to restart your computer before using chat.

Thanks for installing

Verifying the webcam settings
1. Go to the upper right corner and, to the right of the message count, click the Gear icon > Settings. gear icon

2. Click Chat. Chat

3. Go to Voice and video chat and verify the settings and confirm the selections for camera, microphone, and speakers. In addition, you can change the default settings for Chat options such as Auto-add suggested contacts, Sounds, and Emoticons.

If you made any changes, click Save Changes, otherwise, click Cancel to close the window.

Verify settings

Starting a chat session
Note: If your status is set to Invisible, go to Chat. Then, under your name, click the down arrow next to Invisible and select Available. Available

1. Go to Chat and enter the e-mail address of the person with whom you wish to chat and then press Enter. Add contact

2. Next, go to your Chat list, place the cursor over the name of the contact, and select Video & more > Start video chat. An audio signal alerts your contact that you are initiating a chat session and a chat window displays. The invitee has the option to accept or ignore the request.

Note: A green camera icon (camera) displays next to your name and next to each contact who has also installed the video plug-in and is available to chat.

A red camera icon (red camera) displays next to the name of a contact to indicate that your contact has set the status to "Busy." If you initiate a chat session, the following message displays:
"Username is busy. You may be interrupting."

Start chat

Ending a chat session
To end a chat session, click End. The following message confirms that you ended the chat session:
"You ended the video chat with contact name at time.

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