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Temple University offers the following types of e-mail accounts for employees:

  • TU Gmail
  • Microsoft Exchange

In either case, the employee receives an e-mail address.  The type of e-mail is based on departmental preference.

By default, new employees will receive a TU Gmail account when their AccessNet account is created. If as a hiring manager, you need a new employee to receive a Microsoft Exchange account because your department uses Microsoft Exchange, please submit a request at the TUhelp web site. Computer Services will then manually create the Exchange account. 

Note: Before submitting a request for a Microsoft Exchange account, make sure your new employee has already created an AccessNet username.  Include the AccessNet username in your request. To obtain an Accessnet Account, new employees should go to the Account Management web site and click on the link for employees who need to create an AccessNet username.  

Google Apps available to Exchange users

Exchange users have the opportunity to take advantage of Google Docs, Sites, and Instant Text Messaging used by Temple students, alumni, and many employees with TU Gmail accounts.

For additional information, go to the Google Apps for Exchange Users web page.



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